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Our first danish cord bench with Hans Wegner style teak arms


Paul and Zack Huberty own Miikana Woodworking in Loveland, Colorado. This father and son team designs and builds furniture focusing on clean lines, traditional techniques and beautiful hardwoods. Each piece of furniture is carefully handcrafted at their commercial shop in Loveland, Colorado. 

Paul started the business in 2015 after spending 27 years in the healthcare industry. A graduate of Penn State University and Drexel University, he has had a love for woodworking since high school. His furniture designs are influenced by Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian furniture makers.

In late 2017, Zack Huberty joined Miikana Woodworking and quickly learned the important aspects of furniture design and handcrafted furniture. Zack graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and owned his own digital media business focused on the motorcycle industry. In addition to furniture design and construction, Zack is responsible for the social media and digital platforms for Miikana, expanding community partnerships, and exploring collaborations with other artisans. Zack also runs Miikana Cutting Boards, a division of Miikana Woodworking that ensures that we responsibly use all of our precious hardwoods. He creates beautiful cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and home goods.

Miikana Woodworking is located in Loveland, Colorado. It is just south of Fort Collins and an hour drive North of Denver.

Paul Huberty is the founder and owner of Miikana Woodworking

Paul Huberty, Founder and Owner

Owners, Paul and Zack Huberty stand in their woodshop together

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Zack Huberty is an owner of Miikana Woodworking and currently runs the day to day operations of the business

Zack Huberty, Son and Owner

The Miikana Woodworking business started in Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Carefully cleaning up a mortise with a chisel

Why Miikana?

Two years ago I decided to take a new path in life and made a rather dramatic change from a health care executive to one of my original passions - woodworking. When I first started this adventure, I thought I would focus on Shaker style furniture because of its simplicity and emphasis on traditional techniques and clean lines. But I quickly morphed into Mid Century Modern furniture and other styles. Now, our original name - Shaker Fine Furniture - doesn’t really describe all of our interests, capabilities and future direction.

So we are changing our name to Miikana Woodworking. Miikana is the Ojibwe word for trail or path and, to us, Miikana is significant for two reasons. First, it represents the path that we are taking in life and this adventure to design and build beautiful furniture. Second, Miikana represents our Native American heritage. We want to honor this heritage in everything we do from building furniture that highlights the natural beauty of wood to ensuring that we efficiently use this important natural resource. 

- Paul Huberty, Founder

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