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Live Edge Walnut Spindle Back Bench: 


This is a unique and one-of-a-kind piece. Made from a live edge Black Walnut slab, this Nakashima-inspired bench (pictured) is 8' long. The seat is carved for extra comfort and the back follows the natural curve of the slab. This bench has amazing colors and grain patterns. The legs are made from walnut and are connected with gracefully curved stretchers. The legs go through the seat and are secured with ash wedges. The hand-turned spindles are made from Ash and go through the seat and the crest, and they are then locked into place with walnut wedges.

We carry a variety of walnut slabs and can help you "choose" the perfect slab for your Nakashima-inspired bench. Please fill out our contact form to start the process of building your bench.

Slab Options:

Ash (ebonized finish available)

Black Walnut

Pricing starts at $5,400

Walnut Legs and Walnut Stretchers

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