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Cutting Boards:

We have over 70 cutting boards in stock varying in profile, shape, and wood choices. We work with woods such as cherry, padauk, black walnut, ash, maple, birdseye maple, purple heart, and poplar. We make both edge grain and end grain cutting boards. Check out our Etsy Store to see all of our cutting boards currently available. Custom orders can also be placed by email at:

Price List:

Serving Boards:

10x10 Serving Board - $38 + tax

10x13 Serving Board - $48 + tax

Magnetic Bottle Opener:

Plain Miikana version: $25 + tax

Custom Engraved: $30 + tax

Round Cutting Boards:

10"-11" Round - $50 + tax

12" Round - $60 + tax

14" Round - $75 + tax

Cutting Boards: **Juice Grooves add $15

10"x15"x1" - $65

12"x18"x1.25" - $85

14"x20"x1.25" - $105

End Grain Cutting Boards:


10"x10"x1.25" - $80

10"x15"x1.5" - $100

12"x18"x1.5" - $150

French Rolling Pins:

16" French Rolling Pin - $40

18" French Rolling Pin - $50

24" French Rolling Pin - $95

Locally Sourced Lumber:

All of our lumber is sourced from local Pennsylvania lumber mills. We are fortunate that we have a wide selection of high quality, beautiful hardwood in PA. We have developed strong personal relationships with mills across PA and believe in buying local.

How Are Our Cutting Boards Made?

We use Titebond III waterproof glue to prevent your cutting board from ever coming a part. We use the highest quality Powermatic equipment and Bessey and Irwin clamps to ensure perfectly assembled cutting boards. For the finish, we use food-safe mineral oil to seal each board and then a finish coat of wax/mineral oil mix.

Custom Cutting Boards:

In addition to the cutting boards we currently have available, we also do custom work. If you have a picture of one you like or are looking for something slightly different from what we offer, please let us know. We are more than happy to make new cutting boards for customers. Turnaround on custom cutting boards is ten days. Please email for custom inquiries.

Laser Engraving:

NEW! We now offer engraving as an option. Have an upcoming wedding, birthday, special occasion or Christmas gift in mind; we have you covered with custom engraving. Engrave a sentence, favorite quote, initials, marriage date, etc. Contact us for more information. Cost for engraving is generally $5-$10.


Walnut and Cherry French Rolling Pins

Pennsylvania Made, Locally Sourced Lumber

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