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Whitewashed Draper's Table: 


This beautiful Draper's Table is modeled after an antique French Draper's Table from the early 1900s. These tables were used by upholsterers and seamstresses when laying out fabric. The top measures 90" long (7 1/2'), 27" wide and the table is 37" tall. With a full-width lower shelf and two (2) soft-close drawers, the table provides plenty of storage. The six turned legs are exquisite in their detail and smooth to the touch. The color is best described as cream with some faint green tones. You have to really see it. The entire piece is made from poplar - a somewhat softer wood.

This piece is perfect for a dining room, large entryway (bold piece), or as a large kitchen island. It's neutral tones will complement any interior. We have one Poplar Draper's Table available and we can also build this from ash, walnut or cherry. We are currently building a version of this with a cherry base and walnut top.

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Six Hand-turned Poplar Legs

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