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Walnut Slat Back Chair:

This Slat Back Chair is made from Pennsylvania Black Walnut. The slats were cut from a piece of variegated walnut and matched to preserve the rich colors and dynamic grain pattern. These colors come alive in the sunlight. The seat was carefully carved to enhance the comfort of the chair. The sleek, minimalist design and clean lines are characteristics of our furniture. The chair is slightly wider than most dining room and side chairs, and slightly deeper, to provide plenty of leg support, especially for taller people. When you sit in this chair, you know can feel the quality.

This chair is versatile in that it could be used in your living room, as a set of 4, 6, or 8 dining chairs, or even as an executive office chair. This chair matches perfectly with the Slat Back Bench that we have in our Etsy store. Let us know if you are interested in the set and we can offer a discount on the pair.

We use a high quality varnish for our pieces that enhances the natural color and grain of walnut while providing a durable finish.

This chair is for sale and ready for delivery/shipping. It's truly a remarkable piece of furniture. Please contact us to discuss any questions.


The Figuring of the Walnut is Outstanding

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