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Curly Maple and Walnut French Rolling Pin - Tapered Rolling Pin - Wooden Rolling Pin

Our newest French Rolling Pins are a blend of our best sellers; Curly Maple and Black Walnut. A subtle mix of Colorado sourced Curly Maple and Pennsylvania sourced Black Walnut glued together with waterproof, industrial wood glue. I turn these french rolling pins by hand on a lathe in our workshop and make sure they are precise so they provide a smooth, consistent, and even roll. These are the highest quality rolling pins you'll find.

They are precisely hand sanded to 220 grit on the lathe and then the grain is raised with water. After drying, they are sanded at 220 grit again, seasoned with Food Grade mineral oil and then wet sanded at 1000 grit for an ultra smooth surface that makes it easier clean. Each rolling pin is finished off with a beeswax/mineral oil protective coat. You are left with a stunning rolling pin that rolls smoothly and has a silky smooth surface. 

These handmade rolling pins are great for rolling out pastry, cookies, pie, fondant, biscuits, pizza, ravioli, tortillas, and dumplings.

Our wooden rolling pins are now available in three convenient sizes. Each rolling pin is approximately 1-5/8" across the middle for 10" and tapers on the ends to 1-1/8." Our 24" rolling pins now measure 1.75" across the middle.

24" French Rolling Pin with 4" taper on each end, leaving approx. 16" of flat surface

20" French Rolling Pin with 4" taper on each end, leaving approx. 12" of flat surface

18" French Rolling Pin with 4" taper on each end, leaving approx. 10" of flat surface

16" French Rolling Pin with 4" taper on each end, leaving approx. 8" of flat surface

Buttery smooth!

We hand select the highest quality lumber for each rolling pin. This Curly Maple is locally sourced from a mill in Denver, Colorado. This soft curly maple has stunning figure (Tiger like stripes) and provides a beautiful, sparkling sheen when it's sanded. The Black Walnut is sourced from our home state, Pennsylvania. We have worked with this mill from the beginning of our business and love their black walnut.

We recommend hand washing your rolling pin with soap and water. We DO NOT suggest putting your rolling pin in the dishwasher or submerging it in water. Every few months, we recommend seasoning your rolling pin with Food Grade mineral oil or butcher block conditioner. We provide care instructions with each rolling pin.

**Care instructions included with each rolling pin sold**

Half Walnut Half Curly Maple French Rolling Pin


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