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Walnut Sprinter Sink Cover with Recess

Cherry Triangular RV Sink Cover

Sink Cover/Cutting Board for RV-Motorhome-Sprinter-Kitchen Sink


Does your RV, Motorhome or Sprinter have sink covers? If you do, are they the cheap plastic ones? Upgrade them now with our wooden sink covers which can be used to replace the cheap plastic ones for added counter space and/or use them as a cutting board. 


We also build cutting board covers for your kitchen sink in your house. These versions have a recess and sit on top of the counter. Add a little extra space to your countertops.


There are many OPTIONS for these covers. We suggest a minimum of 3/4" thickness and a hole for easy lifting/moving of the cover. Choose from a variety of woods (see below) and two finish options. For those who don't have a lip in the sink, we can recess the underside of the cover so it doesn't slide around - example shown in photo 3.


**Please contact us for an Estimate ( Prices vary based on size and shipping destination. Average price is $65-$125 + shipping.



There are multiple options for these sink covers. If you're looking for a sink cover upgrade, we can use a semi-gloss water based durable polyurethane. If you're wanting to use it as a cutting board, the board is treated with a food-safe mineral oil and a beeswax mix.



These are made CUSTOM based on your specific RV sink covers. The easiest way to build these is to trace your current sink covers onto cardboard/paper and mail them to us or send us your sink covers. If you don't have sink covers, we can also take measurements and have you trace the corner radius onto paper. From there, production is 10 days.



There is a lot of room for choices and creativity with these custom made covers. You can choose from Ash, Maple, Walnut or Cherry. We'll place a hole for easy lifting of the sink cover (up to you!).


Each sink cover comes with care instructions for keeping your cutting board/sink cover in great shape.


Common RV Sink Cover made in one-piece

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