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I have always been inspired by Shaker furniture, Mid Century Modern designs, and amazing woodworkers such as Nakashima, Wegner, Esherick and Maloof. While from distinct periods in time, a common thread runs through: build furniture that showcases the inherent beauty of wood while crossing the threshold from furniture-maker to artist. My goal is to honor these craftsman (and craftswomen) by adopting many of their construction techniques and their artistic approaches to furniture designs. I feel that my furniture is inspired by these amazing artists, infused with my own style, and blended with the history of Chester County. Hopefully, you will be inspired as well and want to invest in an heirloom piece of furniture that will last for generations.

Located in beautiful and historic Chester County, Pennsylvania, we are proud to join the many Chester County furniture makers that have produced some of the finest pieces since the Revolutionary War. It is this beauty and history that keep us focused on our proud traditions and that inspire us to build the best handcrafted furniture.

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